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Admin and Changes

As of today, I am now an admin/bureaucrat on this wiki. I have already made some changes to the front page. Hopefully the front page looks ok. But I still think it could use a couple more changes. I also hope to add a wordmark that's representative of SHINee. Maybe one based around the album they're currently promoting.
As for adding pages, basically I want this wiki to revolve around facts about SHINee. Anything else like fanfiction and artworks should be kept in the forums. Also if you're uploading personal artwork of SHINee please do not use this wiki to host your images.
So far there are only 3 different tabs.

Members - Please keep the trivia short. I hope to add a collapsable or scroll feature to the trivia section later on though.
Albums - Assuming I didn't miss anything. All ablums currently listed have tags. Make sure you're using the right tags for each album. Also the solo tag doesn't just refer to them making an album by their self. Toheart and S.M. the Ballad would be considered solo albums for Key and Jonghyun. As they've temporarily broke away to work on something that's not SHINee related. There will not be a separate page for Japanese releases of Korean albums. Instead they will be incorporated in to it's Korean counterpart utilizing both tags. For now just ignore them, as I'm trying to find a tab function that will suit those needs.
Musicals - A list of the cast and a breif description of the musical with a picture of the member in question(in charater) will suffice. A play by play of every scene is not nessecary and is discouraged.
FYI: When uploading photos, please do not use fanmade drawings or pictures from fansites. I haven't decided about whether to use news photos. As I haven't needed to use any yet. But for the most part try to use an official picture in the best quality you can. Also try to keep the pages organized. Later on I'll add a references section so it doesn't seem like we just pulled all this info out of nowhere.
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