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TAEMIN 태민 Ace of ACE01:57

TAEMIN 태민 Ace of ACE

TAEMIN 태민 'ACE' Concept Video (by BeatBurger project)02:58

TAEMIN 태민 'ACE' Concept Video (by BeatBurger project)

The first song as well as the title track on Taemin's first mini album, ACE.

Info Edit

Korean Lyrics by 심창민
Composed by Daniel "Obi" Klein / Deez / Ylva Dimberg / Charlotte Taft
Arranged by Daniel "Obi" Klein / Deez

Lyrics Edit


  • At a later date, a new video was made as part of the BeatBurger Project.
  • In both videos, the word "ace" is used instead of "one." But when performing the song, as well as the studio track, the word "one" is used instead of "ace."

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