This article is about the album, Base that carries this title. For other uses of this name, see The 1st Mini Album (Disambiguation).

Artist Jonghyun
Genre Kpop
Release Date January 12, 2015
Label(s) S.M. Entertainment (record)
Release Chronology
Next The Collection Story Op. 1 (2015)

Track List Edit

  1. Deja-Boo
  2. Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)
  3. Hallelujah
  4. Love Belt
  5. NEON
  6. MONO-Drama
  7. -Bonus Track- Beautiful Tonight

Info Edit

He is currently promoting the release of his first solo mini album, Base. With the medley coming out first to give everyone a little taste of what was to come. The music video for the promotional track, Crazy (Guilty Pleasure), was released January 08, 2015. Soon followed by the release of a performance at SMTOWN Theatre of Deja-Boo.