This article is about the album, Base that carries this title. For other uses of this name, see The 1st Mini Album (Disambiguation).

Genre Kpop
Number of Tracks 7
Released January 12, 2015
Label S.M. Entertainment (record)
Produced by Lee Soo Man (executive)

Track List Edit

  1. Deja-Boo
  2. Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)
  3. Hallelujah
  4. Love Belt
  5. NEON
  6. MONO-Drama
  7. -Bonus Track- Beautiful Tonight

Info Edit

He is currently promoting the release of his first solo mini album, Base. With the medley coming out first to give everyone a little taste of what was to come. The music video for the promotional track, Crazy (Guilty Pleasure), was released January 08, 2015. Soon followed by the release of a performance at SMTOWN Theatre of Deja-Boo.

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