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Kimi no Sei de
Kimi no Sei de Cover.png
Artist SHINee
Genre Jpop
Release Date May 18th 2016
Tracks TBA
Album FIVE
Producer Lee Soo Man (executive)
Label(s) EMI Records
"Sing Your Song" (2015)
"Winter Wonderland" (2016)

"Kimi no Sei de" (のせいで; Because of You) is the thirteenth Japanese single by SHINee, released on May 18, 2016 in two editions: CD only and CD+DVD edition.



CD Only

  1. Kimi no Sei de (のせいで)
  2. Nothing To Lose
  3. Kimi no Sei de (のせいで) (Instrumental)
  4. Nothing To Lose (Instrumental)


  1. Kimi no Sei de (のせいで)
  2. Nothing To Lose


  1. Kimi no Sei de Music Video


  • CD Only
  • CD+DVD


  1. Kimi no Sei de
    • Lyrics: Junji Ishiwatari
    • Music: Chris Meyer, Funk Uchino, Toshiya Hosokawa
  2. Nothing To Lose
    • Lyrics: Junji Ishiwatari
    • Music: Kevin Charge, Peter Boyes, Chris Meyer


Chart Rank Sales Total Sales
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 77 69,886 69,886+
Oricon Monthly Albums Chart 5 65,141
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 2 60,358
Oricon Daily Albums Chart