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SHINee World is the name of the fandom in general. More specifically, the fans are called "Shawols," which is a combination of "SHINee" and "World."[citation needed]


Originally, SHINee's official color was "Pearl Aqua Green," but over time they subtly changed it to "Pearl Aqua."[citation needed] Due to conflicting fan translations, SHINee's official has been the topic for debate more often than not. Because of this similar colors like pearlescent blue and pearlescent sky blue have been, and possibly still are, believed to be SHINee's official color.

SHINee doesn't currently have an "official" logo, instead their group name is stylized to fit each album's or concert's look resulting a variety of different looks.

Korean FansEdit

Most, if not all, Kpop groups start off with dedicated Korean fans. It is with these fans that things like official color and fan names get decided. Due to their location and ability to speak Korean, they usually tend to have an advantage when attending events; as they know where and when the events are, as well as what things may be required beforehand to attend an event.

There was originally an official fan-cafe that usually consisted of Korean only fans, mainly because the website was Korean and SHINee's influence had not yet grown outside of Korea. As SHINee's fame grew, they went through several different official websites, before SM settled on a large website for all their groups and smaller websites for each specific group. Despite using the same layout, each website is tailored to each groups promotional needs at the time. As the SHINee members branch out musically, they also obtain a website of their own for their promotional needs. In essence, Jonghyun and Taemin each have a website of their own outside of SHINee's official website. Though, at the time of this writing, Toheart still lacks a website of its own.

International FansEdit

As a group's influence spreads outside of the Republic of Korea, they begin to attract a wider array of fans. As such, SHINee has held concerts in some of these countries. Unfortunately, international fans do not have an official website of their own; though there is some support for other languages on the official websites.(see Notes)

Japanese FansEdit

While Japanese fans are still considered Shawols, they have their own separate organization called SHINee World J. As such, they have their own official website where fans would need to pay to maintain membership in return for special goodies specifically for SHINee World J fans.

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  • Though minor, this includes SHINee World J's main website.

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